Sunday, August 15, 2010

All About Tara

My husband and I met about 9 years ago. I was the ward chorister in our singles ward. He approached me and told me I had a pretty smile. I was hooked from that moment on. We have been together ever since.

We married 2 years later when we eloped to the Las Vegas Temple. (That is a story for another time.) We are currently living in Las Vegas, enjoying our happily ever after.

After struggling for a few years with infertility and 2 miscarriages we were blessed with a beautiful little girl. Lindsay is 4 years old. She is a princess through and through. She loves to swim, sing, dance, color, and watch movies. I am so grateful I get to be her Mom.

With the help of more fertility drugs we were able to welcome Landon to our home. He is my little monkey. He loves to climb, jump, and get into everything. He is all boy. I am always on my toes with this little guy but he is worth it all.

Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is also the greatest joy in my life. I love every snuggly sticky precious moment. I count my blessings everyday that I get to stay home with them and just enjoy every minute of their childhood. I am so in love with these two.

We are a happy family!